Creating something that can theoretically last forever is exciting to say the least.

Passing on information in the form of a letter inbuilt into your piece of art or photo or favourite recipe that is now on the blockchain as an NFT leads me (and possibly you?) to think about the brevity of life.

What would a middle eastern Jewish rabbi think about NFTs? Blockchain and NFTs help me explore the deeper questions of life, existance and the meaning of everything we do. NFTs have become a fairly important part of my life over the last year. The most enjoyable part of this experience has been the friends from all over the globe that I’ve connected with. A lot of people are creating art and selling their creations. Often a small close knit community has been the collectors of their art and some of the NFT creators have had larger collectability success than others.

I want to ask the question about why we enjoy creating NFTs? For me it has felt more significant that simply sharing a photo or digital art post on estabilished centralized media (which I still use yet aiming to depart from).

I think that the answer is how the blockchain creates a new kind of economy and community that feels more fair. It definately still has people of influence yet the barriers to success are somewhat different. At this point in my blockchain and NFT experience I sense that it is a much more healthier place to be than centralized social media caught up by corporate powers. I think that is where Jesus and NFTs appeared in my mind as an area to focus on.

This is the start of that journey and the thoughts that i have.

Thanks for being part by reading along.

Jonathan McCallum NFTs and Jesus

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