NFT’s are designed to be here to stay. They can be collected, traded and swapped. You may want to create some NFTs just for fun to learn more about the intricate and often frustrating dynamics of cryptowallets with the many NFT platforms that are launching.

Here are some of the NFTs I’ve minted both in the photography and art realm. Learning through creating has been the most rewarding experience for me. I did spend a bunch of time listening in on how best to approach this new world of NFTs yet quickly realized that the diversity of how people will create and utilize NFTs is so broad that I really needed to find my own path forward alongside a few friends I’d found along the way.

Here is something I painted the other day and minted using ShowTime which helps users create a portfolio for their NFTs across multiple blockchains.

Showtime portfolio

One of the areas I see NFTs shifting into is modeling and fashion. Here is a photo that is not an NFT, however many fashion and social media sites may choose to create media in the form of collectable NFTs or accessory related digital fashion that can link to physical fashion or be a hybrid fashion accessory.

  • Finally here is one of the most fun platforms running on the Tezos blockchain. Hicetnunc has been an interesting place for experiementing with NFTs and collecting other artists work due to the accessiblity and prices of beautiful art and photos. There is a lot of diversity there in the things people are creating.
NFT Art by Jonathan McCallum

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