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In Episode Two I speak about how I use social media and how my friend Jared is using it to continue his music career during these isolating times (be sure to check out his instagram below). I also introduce the sister town idea we are discussing with our Basque community and a Polynesian town in Tahiti. It’s a brief, fully packed podcast and video hybrid and I appreciate you taking the time to tune in.

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Background Music: Grace Bennett on guitar B Roll Filmed before the lock down.  

About the Podcast:  I started a podcast in 2018 then paused til I found my voice. During that time I realized I love filming & recording podcasts (so each episode has a sister video that accompanies it, plenty of B-roll and footage of what I describe in the podcasts). To be open, I’ve always felt nervous (and still do) about being vulnerable about my photography & business mistakes. Yet thanks to my amazing friends like you I became aware that there is strength and—dare I say—joy in sharing weakness and failures. So thanks for joining me here and I appreciate you subscribing to my channel and podcast. -Jonathan  


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