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Heroines & Rising Above Stereotypes

By August 20, 2016 Jonathan

When you think of Superheroines, who comes to mind? Diana Prince-Wonderwoman (played by Gal Gadot), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) are three of the more recent well-known movie heroines.

Yet sadly, ongoing throughout history, the strong female characters have not been the “good guys” (tongue in cheek…). Witches, seductresses, evil step-mothers, and nagging mother-in-laws have topped the list of lead female role and shaped the image of the strong female even in today’s society. Testosterone-controlled cultures have dealt women one low blow after another through sexist comments negatively highlighting feminine sensuality, infantilizing adult women, or sexualizing girls at a young age. And all that contrasts with the overwhelmingly positive spin on male heroism and sexuality reinforced down to the padded Superman costumes.

Though the images and little-boy-with-big-muscles and little-girls-with-low-dresses are (if we look closely) quite harrowing, the heart of the image lies in our words. Guys joke about how many girls they have been with, while girls are labelled as “sluts” for being one of the girls that the guys are patting themselves on the back for adding to their list. There’s a big difference between “throwing like a girl” and “being a man”. You’ll be surprised how soaked the English language is with this kind of @#$%.

The way we use language can be affirming or abusive, like one woman found in a jog in the park.

We need a superheroine (not another superhero) to step in and make things right.
And they are.
Women are powerful, confident, and resourceful, and they know their bodies, their beauty is resilient. They, like men, enjoy sensuality and are strong in the face of intense injustice.

Yet sometimes even a superheorine would appreciate our acknowledgement of the situation at hand. Women are barraged with words that aim to harm their self-image. We need to drop any sexist remarks, jokes, or sayings. Inappropriate remarks are never ok.

And guys, we need to listen to how women want to be treated. The guys who do, the guys who show consistent respect will be the ones who have the privilege—not the right—to walk with and enjoy this life with partners who are loved and cared for in a mutually satisfying relationship that does not place one gender higher than the other. The male population that will not heed this message, will continue to act out of fear of realizing who they are as males and that trying to control and manipulate women will always, with time show their actions for what they are, weak, shallow and destructive.

Women cannot be contained by stereotypes of being purely sensual or domineering beings. We cannot fail to miss the endless intellect, the quiet beauty that flows from a strong personality that will rise above the bad.

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