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Wishlist Safety for Webcam Models

By July 28, 2016 Jonathan

Here’s an important post by Megan Medellin for anyone using or wanting to receive gifts via Amazon.  This post is for Webcam models, however anyone live streaming or with an audience who uses Amazon or other public gift lists would benefit from this advice. The original post can be read here on Amber Cutie’s forum which is a place for webcam models to gather as a community online and be a support to one another.

  1. Never use your real name.
  2. There’s (on Amazon) an option to hide your address but it will still show your city, and the full address can be sent to the person who purchased a gift from 3rd party sellers.
  3. Everyone that has a wishlist should have a post office box with a street address. The street address is important because many companies will not ship to p.o. boxes.
    4. Get a family-owned p.o. box and explain to the manager how important your safety is and that if anyone were to call asking for your personal info, not to give it out.
  4. Don’t ever tell guys when you’re picking up packages. This is an innocent mistake.
  5. Don’t accept gifts the member has handled personally. He can put a tracking device in the item as well as acid or poison. (Sounds extreme but the acid thing actually happened to a supermodel before.)
  6. Get a p.o. box outside of your city. Make the drive, don’t be lazy. And if you send packages to members, definitely do it outside of your city.
  7. Tell the p.o. box manager you model (no need to specify that it’s adult work) and explain why you need a stage name. You’ll have to sign up with your real name, but when they get boxes addressed to a different name, they’ll understand.
  8. I recommend having a friend pick up the packages if you can, just in case a stalker camps out for a week at the box.

If you are a webcam model and would benefit from social media advice free of charge please be sure to contact the team that I am part of @yourebeyond on twitter and instagram. Also be sure to sign up to Amber’s forum. Thanks again to Amber and Megan whose twitter (NSFW, +18) links are below.

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