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In The Rain

By May 21, 2016 Jesus

I am standing, out
In the rain this evening,
A mixture of cloudy thought settling under thunder.
The fields are green from torrents of unconstrained rain.
The wet earth reflects an explosive solar light that pours through the atmosphere
While artificial bulbs begin to dimly light the indoors.
I’m here by the sea, listening to a Galilean with some fisherman over wine, bread, fish and a wood fire.
We drink, munch, dwell.

From somewhere inside a creaky building: “Come back, you will catch colds.”
The Galilean replies: “Colds are caught indoors!”
I ask him why they say that, and
He replies they are so concerned with doing it “right” they do not live nor venture outdoors for fear of catching the world.

And I see then
The Galilean has caught it all.
From childhood coughs on dusty streets
To weariness from crowds bent on power-politics-religion,
An unwholesome mix.

When I look into his eyes
I see people of every land gathering,
No longer “kept” indoors,
Enjoying the rain-kissed love feast
In a renewed land glistening with the joy tears of a loving Father-Jesus-Spirit.
Ordinary clothes, ordinary people, no -tianity or -ism or religion.
Jesus beyond he unholy mix.

Jesus is with all people.
There is no where that Jesus is not.
Peeling thunder shocks and he asks: “Will you let me be Jesus?”
Will you let me go beyond your doors?
I am the Door into life for all.

The rain continues, the earth flourishes.
Some will always fear catching colds.
But colds are caught indoors,
And Jesus will drench anyone who stands out,
In the rain.

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