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Dive Down Low

By May 3, 2016 Jesus

Sometimes I dive down low to see really high.
I join giggles rippling up from depths of liquid flaming earth.
Love, a universal energy finding a way to our living room floors,
where children dwell a little lower, and yet higher,
closer to the sound of an earth renewed, revived,
where life grows up from the lungs
breathing life into existence dripping with goodness.

Some say Elo-, Al-, Lor- or Dio-
But what about a dusty-footed, average looking perfect human
who blessed children and brought life where there was illness,
kissing death farewell.
Why is it that if you love this Jewish man Jesus
you are commanded and empowered to love every nation,
yet if you love only the nation he came from (or any nation) above all else
you will inevitably end up hating other nations.
So the only name I call God is the one given to a baby,
a man I see and have found to be.

As I grew, I don’t know about you, but I spent less and less time close to earth
and more and more time searching for sparks as distant as stars.
I sprinted upon this spinning rock with little rest,
forgetting that sometimes the best arrives slowly,
I must ease my pace, let myself embrace what I see before me.

I want to find that which can last possibly forever,
love, kindness and the essence of being humanity,
huddle around the fish, bread and wine beside the seaside fire,
the lower, slower place of a soul refreshed,
refined by a little fire,
love shared in the light of faces, graces,
streams from stars above and earth below,
where hearts glow together, forever.


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