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Who is Jesus?

By February 28, 2016 Jesus, Jonathan

Jesus is the guy asking questions about us all, unveiling to us our own answers. He’s the one enjoying good food and sipping wine at the party. He is a challenge to those who thought they knew about religion. He’s inviting the preachers and the prostitutes over for a drop of La Rioja and fish over a fire.

Jesus spoke about a kingdom of heaven, a kingdom where the wasteful guy with the jealous big brother and the crazy forgiving father are just as welcome as the Pharisee who wants a word with him under the cover of night.

His kingdom is not fair. His kingdom is upside-down—the highest places go to the lowliest and the lowest positions to the high-and-mighty. It even seems he loves the addict, the adulterer and the Sunday morning absentee more than those who are “only” arrogant. Many did not get him, many still don’t because he still mingles mostly with the people who don’t get caught in the social circles of religion. Maybe the religious have become like a moody son staying outside the party.

Who is Jesus? The king of a kingdom for the gentle-hearted meek, for those who have a lot to mourn but who long to laugh, for the peace-maker before the war-lover or revenge-seeker, for the pure in heart.

He is for those with the purity of a prostitute, pouring out her heart and precious oils on his dusty feet. He is for anyone who doesn’t let the world or its religion get in the way of a king on a short, slow, bellowing donkey. And following him into his kingdom is the pursuit of a lifetime.


-Jonathan McCallum

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