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Anastasia Shchepilova

By February 10, 2016 Dance, Modeling, Photography, Russia

I caught up and interviewed the talented Anastasia Shchepilova who shared some thoughts about dance culture in Russia.

Tell me about the dance culture within Russia?

Firstly I want to tell about Russian folk dances. There are a lot of traditional dances performed in straight lines with a partner hand in hand, kicking the legs backward and a lot of jumping and twirls.

Dancers dress in traditional clothes with women in sarafan and men in  a white shirt and trousers. It’s difficult and unique but not a mainstream dance by any means in Russia. Children learn folk dances in primary school sometimes or in private classes yet after our youth we watch it on the stage only.

Есть чо?! #mylittlepony #ведьма

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So tell me about what is popular now in Russia?

Social street dances are the most popular for youth today: hip-hop, reggaeton, dancehall,  etc.

We watch the same music videos and communicate a lot with youth from other countries. We try to stay up with western and USA culture. There are a lot of professional dance teachers, good schools and a lot of street teams. Most dance schools are located in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Russian women also enjoy belly dancing or tango and they are pretty good at it!

Anastasia is very photogenic, besides dance she also works as a CRM consultant in an IT department. She also has been photographed in cosplay artistic photos. Here are a few of them below. I plan to write a follow up article about Cosplay in Russia. These photos are by three amazing local photographers:

Folkira: http://vk.com/folkira

Fairy Marie: http://vk.com/fairy_marie or https://www.instagram.com/fairy_marie/

Maxim Mikhalych: http://vk.com/snegir_imm


#freedom #midsummernight photographer: @fairy_marie

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Ох, просто пожелайте мне удачи и много денег! #blueheadgirl #manicpanic

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Мне кажется я далеко не главный элемент фотографии💙💙💙 #manicpanic #blueheadgirl #blue

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И вновь творчество @folkira #коломенское

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