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Social Media, Laughter & Goodness

Social Media, Laughter & Goodness

By December 29, 2015 Jonathan, Social Media

Social media is powerful, let’s use it for good, for laughter. Let’s uplift with our words and our actions. Let’s pass on truth, let’s let fear and worry and sensational news fall to the ground, lay still for a while. Let’s speak out against any form of harassment, let’s make the world and the web we jump in and out of a safer, better place.

(One of my passions is helping individuals and communities stay safe online. I offer this as a free service. If you would like help or suggestions on how to better protect yourself and loved ones on social media/online contact me at jonathan @ refreshleaders.org (no spaces) or via my social media link at the bottom of this post.)

Through her Ted Talk (which moved me to tears) Maysoon Zayid has brought laughter and motivation to my life.  Thank you, Maysoon! She also has some very insightful comments about social media that we all would benefit from pondering.

The talented Katie Shade makes me laugh a lot, and her soon to be 90,000 followers on Vine must be laughing a lot too! I marvel at how the world has changed that she could so quickly develop a huge audience from using social media such as Vine. My guess is that Katie’s talent and popularity will sooner or later be noticed by a major media source where her bright, energetic personality will be on mainstream media. If this does happen, great, if it doesn’t, she’ll still be entertaining us on her Youtube, Facebook, and Vine!

The modern phenomenon that is social media fascinates me.  I use it to promote the amazing natural beauty of the Basque Country and share stories from this corner of Europe that I now call home. Having recently created a Vine account, I posted a short video of the view along the coast near my work place. It was only my 11th Vine post and it was looped tens of thousands of times!  We have so many interactions and so much information at our fingertips! Let’s use that power for good, to uplift and encourage others.

*Click the Vines below to play or stop them, click the “x” to unmute then move the cursor away to see them without the text.

However, social media can also consume our time where we could be pouring out our precious minutes upon those in front of us, those dear to us. And I speak to myself here. For those who have large audiences, creating content may become a full time career; social media has provided an avenue for many people into a wide range of career opportunities.For most of us though, we can still use social media in a positive way, post great content, stay in touch with friends, and be inspired by others…but it only takes a small part of our day. The rest of the day’s moments belong to the here-and-now life we’re living.

– Jonathan

*Photo from this week surfing in the Basque Country. Believe it or not EVERY time I catch a nice wave I throw my hands up in the air and LAUGH, shout and smile.

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