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Dear Refugee, You are Welcome in the Basque Country

By December 13, 2015 Jonathan

Christmas decorations and lights adorn the Basque Country, many mangers hold the young Middle Eastern refugee with his teenage mother and carpenter father.  A well-known scene, a pretty average family.  That average dad had had a dream that a terrible group run by an evil man, was going to place his son in danger, so he woke up his little family and fled.  Jesus became a refugee, one who would bring love and power over evil.  And even though evil did win that day as many mothers and fathers lost children because of a man acting out of fear, love would win ultimately.  Will win ultimately.

In the spirit of that love, the Basque people have opened their doors and their hearts to those in need, refusing fear. A congratulations to the towns around the Basque Country who have taken this stance officially by welcoming refugees fleeing war.  Conan O’Brien’s comment below and a scene from “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” sum up my thoughts as I read the news with my own newborn baby in my arms this Christmas season.

-Jonathan McCallum
*Above Featured Photo taken last week in Durango, Basque Country


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