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Things Jesus Never Said

By November 17, 2015 Jonathan

God is on my side.

God has no sides, “I AM” for everyone.

The world is evil. 

Not one of you is made to be evil.  I do let people do what they want and when they choose evil they will never ultimately win. I love people, all people, even them.

[fill in nation] is God’s chosen people.

I am the promised man and the promised land.  I am the temple.

I know it’s hard to believe, but now it is just me.  I choose you to be peacemakers, to love righteousness and to live in my Kingdom of freedom.

God bless [fill in nation].

God bless the whole world.  Wait, I already did that and I will continue to pour out my Spirit of peace and love on all people.

Be afraid, be very afraid of —them—.

Love your enemies.  Love drives out fear.  Walk across the street, get to know the people you fear.  Love will always win, even if it costs.




Thoughts on Jesus by Jonathan McCallum

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