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Periscope Protocol and Thoughts from Amanda Oleander

By November 13, 2015 Jonathan

Have you ever wanted to “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes”?  Maybe it’s just me but I get the sense I am creating a mini Truman show every time I press that magic Periscope “Start Broadcast” button.  “Say hello, Jonathan. The world is watching.”

And that’s the idea of Periscope: live-streaming from a phone to a rapidly growing community in a way that can be educational, fun, and engaging.  However, as many have pointed out, it must be utilized with caution as we enter into other peoples’ worlds, even just briefly.  Here are some guidelines from Periscope:



And some other things to consider that aren’t quite as obvious:

When viewing or broadcasting “scopes” be sure to speak up against harassment.  Take a screen shot of offensive or inappropriate comments, and let everyone know you have it on record.  Then block the person and report any form of harassment at safety@periscope.tv.  Periscope does take your reports seriously and reporting does make a difference!

Be careful who you are broadcasting.  Don’t film kids (yes, even, if you are overseas and the kids are so cute, don’t do it!)  Ask permission or keep them out of view.

Don’t periscope and drive.  Unless you’re using a hands-free and not reading the comments (and have checked with your local road safety guidelines).  And if you’re watching a scope where someone’s scoping recklessly, let them know you won’t watch because they are endangering other peoples’ lives.

Encourage, comment, give hearts to talent and quality.  Interact in the community and share your story.  Follow people who inspire.  Look beyond the physical beauty and see the amazing inner beauty of all the people who are sharing their life with you.  Speaking of…

This tweet below touches a hot topic in poignant way.  Amanda Oleander is an amazing artist and a much-needed voice in social media.  She has a great ability to engage her audience and bring out truths through her art and words, encouraging us to disconnect with the buzz and see the beauty beyond.  I love the drawings below that capture something I have been thinking about recently–how we often find distraction while looking for rest.  Follow her Periscope here and her instagram here.  And if you’re interested beyond the pixels and want to hang some of that talent on your wall, you can buy her artwork here.

I need to stop doing this. A photo posted by Amanda Oleander (@amandaoleander) on

Good morning!  And in case I don’t see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night! -Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey in The Truman Show)

By Jonathan McCallum

*I’ve been using Periscope for just three weeks, if you would like to follow me there here is my profile: https://www.periscope.tv/jonamccallum or alternatively search in the Periscope App for @jonamccallum

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