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Surf Exchange: Turkey & Basque Country

By October 21, 2015 Jonathan

During a few hours’ stop-over in Istanbul, Turkey, I sat down in the food court with a friend from Syria.  We ordered some food at the cafe and chatted with the manager, who then joined us with complimentary drinks.  I had lived in a Turkish suburb in Sydney, Australia, where I first encountered this warmth of hospitality, so I wasn’t surprised to experience it again in that international airport.

Recently I have been in contact with the Turkish surfing community, both on the Black Sea and Mediterranean coast. And I have learned that a few Turkish surfers have been over here to ride the waves in the Basque Country.  These contacts made me think of Cross Culture Surf‘s surfing trips around the world.

So, with the aim of forming cultural bridges between the surfing communities and tourism industries in the Basque Country and Turkey, I would like to find people (from the Basque Country or anywhere) who are interested in surfing, touring and exploring Turkey, and Turkish people who are interested in doing the same in the Basque Country.  And I’m not the first…Cross Culture Surf has been taking surfing trips from the Basque Country to other part of the world.

Interested? Contact me via facebook or Twitter @jonamccallum or through my Instagram @jonamccallum

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A big thank you to professional Turkish surfer Tunc Ucyildiz & surfer-photographer Mehmet Ozgen for helping me to understand the Turkish surfing scene.

And another special thanks to Mehmet Ozgen and Alanya Surf Team for your help and for permission to re-post these photos.  See the Alanya Surf Team on Facebook here.

For more on surfing on the Black Sea, check out Danube Surfboards who also run a surf academy, with a website here.

Also see Aleyna Hadimoglu who is the first female professional surfer from Turkey and part of the World Surf League.

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By Jonathan McCallum

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