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So, we have been dreaming. And we’re not sure if it’s a big dream or a tiny one. Our dream is one to connect with people, our environment and be better stewards of water, electricity and resources, focusing on living from local food, offering pilgrims a rest place, and opening up a space for schools for kids to experience a simple, environmentally-friendly way to live. That sounds like a big dream. But it comes in a tiny package.

We would like to build a mobile Tiny House (also called Small House) here in the Basque Country. The Tiny House could look like a multi-purpose cabin on top of a trailer and be used to live in (seasonally or permanently), for educational purposes and even for a rest stop for pilgrims traveling along the St James Camino that passes through our town.

Why are we considering building a Tiny House?

Often people express concern about the deterioration of their beautiful landscape in the Basque Country. It is a privilege to live here, love people and be loved, to be thankful for Basque friends and the daily snippets that make up life. The Tiny House would be a way to connect with the local community, demonstrate another way to live and impact the environment for good.

The project goal is to promote environmentally sustainable living, helping ourselves and others see sustainability as a way of life.

We are seeking to partner with local friends and businesses as well as friends abroad to complete this project, and we plan to document the entire process through photography and blogging. An international company has mentioned about offering the tools to make the structure from logs, and we are currently working on the plans for the house design. We still need the materials, including the trailer, wood, furnishings, etc, and we also need design and building know-how to make the project a reality.

Would you like to help? Would your company like to sponsor this project?  Do you have carpentry skills or other ways to help with this project? Even translate some of our blogs (like this one) into Basque, French, Spanish?

If so please email me:

jonathan @ refreshleaders.org (no spaces)
Or contact me via facebook & twitter


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