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Surflariak eta lagunak Getariako olatuez gozatzen.

By August 23, 2015 Photography

Surflariak eta lagunak Getariako olatuez gozatzen.

A few friends and surfers enjoying the waves in Getaria, Basque Country.

People are amazing, nature is wonderful, both can be like medicine. I like to float along on my board listening to the melody of waves and friends, stories told, plentiful laughter, simple things.

We all have ways to plunge into refreshing depths, for me it is surf alongside friends, listening, exercising without a membership, paddling around to slid down little champagne foaming hills.

In the sea, I am in wonder, briefly able to see depths of beauty I had missed in my rushing around across moments often forgotten.

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Photos and Words by Jonathan McCallum

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