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Rain Forest Life

By August 14, 2015 Jonathan

I love rain forests, lush tropical messes of foliage, sunlight dripping down, with a radiating beach hemmed by green canopy, blue translucent ocean, plenty of fish, dolphins….You get the picture.

The first time I set my feet into the soft wet earth of this kind of landscape was up north in Australia. The rainforest’s hum of birds blended with the lapping salty shore, the sun so intense.  We passed the Crocodiles: Swim at Your Own Risk sign, jumping in, unafraid of sharks–the crocs took care of them.

I love the wilderness outside the human settlements.  I love the rain there, the sun even more.  I was thinking today whilst under a grey cloud that the sun was bright above, and the sky blue, and the stars bright with colour, galaxies twirling, and little me catching waves in a rough windy sea while the fog rolls by.

Too much rain brings the grey mass down clouding the world, and we humans tend to head indoors.

Too much sun and we get deserts, beautiful in their own right, but hard places to live.

I think heavenly earth will be more tropical (without the humidity and mosquitos). Like a deluge of lush beauty, a flood from above, soaking into deep roots, a nourishing of life.


Words & Photo by Jonathan McCallum

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