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Swish of Years

By June 26, 2015 Jonathan

Five years old today, light hearted, beside family, looking up from our British garden at a fox running along the thick stone wall.  A brief glance back before leaping down then vanishing into the orchard beyond, I turn to the buzz of a bumble bee and see a door flung open.  Children tumble out upon the lawn, sweet drinks spilling, salty snacks crunching, then candles and the soft kiss of afternoon light.  A lovely day.

With a wave goodbye, grabbing our bikes we headed to the lush open fields of a royal park once used for hunting with yelping dogs, swish of arrows and at a later stage the boom of powder from metal.  We coasted down narrow walking paths through forest sprinkled with leafy shimmering light, arriving at a pond.  Time had brought down a tree so we dared the climb out over the water.  I fell in the icy liquid, my brother pulled me out, and we rode home, dripping with adventure.

That night as orange lights warmed the damp streets, we ate pizza paired with sizzling bread served in a dish dripping with aromatic garlic molten butter.  Life was deliciously good.

I’m thirty three today, in Indiana USA, went down to a stream in the nearby wood with my four-year-old self.  She, a bit more cautious than her dad, looks like me and points to the deer on the forested path just as it leaped away, vanishing into the tall grass.  I hold her hand and a camera, she holds the fly rod, our feet touch the cool clear stream.  Trees that reach the highest swayed in a light breeze, the leaves quivered.  I love this wood of time, I love this hand I hold.

Tonight we will head to town for a circular cheese bread with garlic and sauce, smile at the loved ones around.  I was five, now I’m going to be thirty four someday.

Words & Photos by Jonathan McCallum

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