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Caplinger’s Fresh Catch: A Stream of Fresh Seafood in Indianapolis

By June 25, 2015 Jonathan

Plunking down our fishing gear in the back of his truck, Andrew Caplinger and I drove out under an orange morning sky, on the eve of spring into summer.  Sunshine streamed down on the chilled gurgling creek as we cast out our lines, catching a few, releasing them laughing.  We had a ball enjoying catching up by the Indiana creek in the lush countryside I love, sharing our love of fishing.

I remember a few years ago sitting with Andrew and his wife Courtney, two of our dearest friends, listening to their dream.  They have refreshed my life and shown me once again that dreams do become reality.  They have invested themselves, and through plenty of risk and plenty of work, they have created a seafood market of excellence.  Like a stream filled with experience and knowledge, integrity, a genuine enjoyment of people that goes beyond customer service, Caplinger’s Fresh Catch flows into Indianapolis with a passion for seafood.  Last month Yelp announced that they won first place in Yelp’s Top 50 Restaurants in Indiana.

I live overseas in the Basque Country (great people, seafood, culture & landscape), so when I do visit Indiana I love dropping into his Andrew’s store.  Beyond the mouth-watering grilled or lightly-battered fish, I like to pick his brain about fishing and the seafood market.  Here’s what he said about fishing and his work:

Fishing: I love fishing because for me it is a time to spend just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.  I love being around people and I also see the value in solitude to be able to clear my mind, and fishing has both.  Fishing has taken me on many adventures, some of which you (Jonathan) have been part of and the beauty God has created for us to enjoy is just awesome. 

Work: As for the business owner side of things I love to see ideas that I have come up with make people happy.  It’s cool to be able to put an idea into an actual product and have people think enough of it that they will spend their money on it and come back for more.

While I was at the store a freshly smoked tuna almost too heavy to carry finished being smoked and was swiftly sold in their much-loved Smoked Tuna Salad.  I had the cod fillet sandwich and enjoyed every morsel.  Here is their menu.

So if you are looking for fresh or smoked fish, clams, oysters, mussels, a variety of crab, crab cakes, lobsters, eight legged friends or calamari, or shrimp, which I as an Australian-American still call “prawns”, you know where to find them.  You could even pick up frog legs or alligator (give them a call first to preorder), and ask Andrew or any of the friendly staff your toughest seafood questions, they have an ocean of expertise.

Words & Photos by Jonathan McCallum

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