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Beauty I See

By May 20, 2015 Jonathan

For my daughter and all daughters everywhere

Beauty I see
In your eyes of sunlit afternoon
Radiating amber, blooming with sunshower apricot trees
An almost otherworld glow
Something within the soul merges into the mist of rain
Becoming a thousand streams

I see in you kindness
A kind of enduring love where you grow to appreciate your uniqueness
Letting it flood upon others
I see you care
Gently, enduringly, with strength
You walk softly, sensitively, with conviction
Planting hope deeply

Behind you lingers a fragrant trail
Over the days
Through the tears and laughter
A life lived generously
Action and words that uplift the spirit
Water the way we grow
You are the beauty
I see you.

Words & Photo by Jonathan McCallum

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