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You’re not far from the Kingdom

By April 22, 2015 Jonathan

Jesus Answers a Question

Jesus was asked many questions.  I’ve begun to find deep refreshment and wonder as I look through the answers he gave to questions ranging from religious theological-political trick questions to sincere and seeking hearts longing for answers.  Jesus’ response to the man asking what was the most important command to keep in following God was to affirm the man’s observations, summarizing the religion he grew up in with the words “Love God and love people.”  Then Jesus, standing next to the question-asker states: “You’re not far from the Kingdom.”  We, like that person asking the question, are also not far from the Kingdom when we seek to stand nearby Jesus and ask him questions from the heart.

I took this photo while exploring the mountains in Colorado. A couple extra clicks while editing and I was surprised by the flip. The quote on the photo emerged after attending Simply Jesus Gathering, as I was pondering stories Jesus told and answers he gave that still turn the world upside down.  If you are interested in knowing more about the gathering or downloading it, here is the link: http://www.simplyjesusgathering.com/ ‪#‎SimplyJesus2015‬

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