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Walking through beauty

By April 19, 2015 Jonathan

For months now I’ve been away from our Basque home, traveling to our other homes, not fully aware of the significance of this journey, bringing people across our path and we across theirs.  We took off from the rolling Basque coast to land in Sydney Australia, heading on to the west coast of the USA, to land now amidst friends in the once wild west of Colorado.

We have come to gather together, to attend the Simply Jesus Gathering.  People–everyday people–yet leaders, admired not so much for their fame, but for the steps and leaps they have taken to follow another person, a guy named Jesus, weaving their story into his, with all the ups and downs.

This journey began through reading on a grassy hill, flicking through the digital pages of this book by Brian Zahnd, my world being rocked, unearthed afresh.  Then arriving in Colorado, strolling the streets of Boulder Colorado, finishing the stories in this book by friend Carl Medearis, touched by the vulnerability and authenticity of the challenge to say Yes to Jesus every day.

There was something about the magnitude of what I was reading–about Jesus, about people vulnerably following him–and me, here, strolling under these mountains, the cool breeze flowing down as the last of the winter snow streamed away to the prairies where bison once were roaming, free, the young at play.

Somehow the mountains have helped me slow down, gather, consolidate wintry fragments, as spring draws me near, memories of the last few years, of places, moments together with people, seeing the beauty of life, somehow finding deep rest.

Words & Photos (Boulder, Colorado) by Jonathan McCallum

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