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Children Learning

By November 13, 2014 Jonathan

I wept today.
Children my daughter’s age ran around me at play.
Syrian refugees in a school run by an NGO.
A welcoming country bends under much weight,
So that though they have a place to sleep, some food to eat,
Without volunteers and the kind-hearted,
They would have nowhere to learn, nowhere to grow.

I wept today.
A young boy’s story.
His family fled the war, but could not escape the pain and hurt.
The boy saw the way out,
Asked the one who birthed him, the ones that carried him from harm:
Have you forgiven them?  The ones who hurt you, wronged you?
Why not let go?
Let flow the poison within, let fall the stones we carry, let go.

I wept today
As any would
To see a neighboring country act so neighborly
And a boy who fled as a war refugee
Wield the power of a peaceful weapon.

Lebanon has generously opened its arms to refugees, but the huge numbers of those finding a haven there is overwhelming an already stretched system. Yet somehow through the tears I began to see a glint of light, of an answer, a hope where education can provide a way forward, where forgiveness can conquer the violence and brutality of war.

Grateful to meet these little Syrians in Lebanon, safe from war and with a chance to learn

Words by Jonathan McCallum
Photos by Anna Medearis

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