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By November 9, 2014 Jonathan

Across a mass of water,
Separating from my daily European existence,
I am about to travel.
3 million refugees in the land of cedars,
Are living.
Facing struggles that I cannot see.
That is why I go, to learn.
To See.

I am not the answer, I am the solution to nothing.
Yet a hope dwells within me
Of finding an Answer, over and over again.
A Hope for the oppressed, freedom for the captives,
Even a way of forgiveness.
The best way to defeat even the most terrible enemy,
To forgive and to find abundant life beyond the pain.

First, I will unlearn my jump-in do-it-our-way approach,
Then take back up the forgotten ways
Of empowering a people.
Embracing the incredible resources abundant in every human being.
So they may help their own community,
So they may be the ones to lift others up.
Learning from those that the world sees…and forgets.
Yet You never forget.

I want to join in,
To do even just a little.
To become familiar with faces,
To feel the warmth of hope.


-Jonathan McCallum

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