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I am an Invader

By October 13, 2014 Jonathan

To my native friends,

An apology:

I am an invader

I represent power-hungry culture, formed on liberty yet forcibly occupying

We settled in your land, we the privileged

We brought individualism, capitalism, and uninvited democracy 

We never asked you 

True, I was not there then,

Yet I am here now

When you look at me

What do you see?


I am ashamed of the way my people treated your people

It is not Jesus’ way

Jesus’ way is a gentle, peaceful way

No guns, no coerced conversions, no nationalism, no room for empire building

Though that has often been religion’s way


Jesus’ kingdom is powerfully gentle, never invades, never brings destroying diseases or culture-killing religion.

It is an eternal land for all, where no one owns property or people, where land is free, a land I long to see.

And that kingdom has already come, in a person, not a political power, or regime, it is in the hearts, and it can sometimes be seen.


For the native people of my homeland Australia, my naturalized homeland USA and my current home Basque Country, to the indigenous people of these three lands, I choose to ask you, listen to you, respect you and to greet you as the people of the land, I a visitor in your beautiful land.


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