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Rolling Together

By September 20, 2014 Exploring

 Love the life you live, and live the life you love.

Bob Marley

Life rolls & thunders in with surprises.  This is my day in photos.  From the hilltops of Getaria along the coast to Zarautz speed skating teams pushed and pulled teammates under sun and rain, and when I headed to Zumaia others were floating on water.

I also love to roll, so skating along I followed these athletes as they sped past me. I believe I have a new favorite sport–a sport where people team together, hand in hand to help each other, together up the hills, supporting and steadying as they flew like wind, thundering down the cleared highway. I like this sport because of the teamwork, the cheering as everyone finished, and the courage of many who could have stayed at home. Yet they choose to live the life they love. Maybe it was the rain and the sea air, yet I felt salty water splash my eyes today as people cheered one another on.  Driving back by Zumaia, I saw a man hovering over the water, also having fun, living and loving life. Athletes from all over Spain and the Basque Country made my day roll, rumble and flow with smiles today, making this a day to look back, blink, and remember to love to live.

Photos & Words by Jonathan McCallumFrom Above



Skate Together


Getaria Skate

fast guy





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