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The Art of Ice Cream

By August 19, 2014 Gastronomy

Carlos Arribas was the master ice cream artisan who taught my friend Fernando Alberdi the art of creamy deliciousness.  Using the techniques of gelato maestros, Alberdi’s small but inviting shop in Getaria’s main street offers an enticing list of flavours, including Ferrero Rocher, Pink Panther, and dulce de leche.  A photo of their mouth-watering mango flavour above.

Fernando showed me the machines and the steps of the quality production process starting with fresh ingredients.  The added time investment of the extra steps leads to smaller crystallizations and a smoother ice cream, setting Alberdi’s scoops that much above anyone using a quicker process or artificial flavouring.

By the customers’ reactions, the Dona Doni ice cream shop is a hit.  Alberdi says the most interesting reaction is to the natural flavours, strawberry for example, a deep red with flecks through it—straight from the berries—which tastes nothing at all like the typical manufactured strawberry flavouring.

Get a scoop yourself at Kale Nagusia, Getaria, 25km from San Sebastián.

Words & Photo by Jonathan McCallum

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