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Protect Them

By August 10, 2014 Jonathan

For friends
Iraq, Palestine, Syria
For those who flee and those who cannot

Flatbread splashed with oil, sea salt
We flee
Sparkle of a sea, red, sky orange
Reflecting our hope
To see tomorrow’s sunset
The fall of night, fear
Explosions, flashes of hate

By a desert campfire
You break the bread of peace
I see
In your eyes a greater sea beyond
Twinkle of stars from every nation
A breeze of love, safety

Under a cruel king
You too had to flee
Now by the fireside
I wait, to be fully aware of you
My feet stretched next to yours
Your beautiful dusty Palestinian-Jewish feet
I whisper to you
Save them, protect them

You lift darkness
The hate cloud lifts
We walk out
Bright in the firelight
Seeing the darkness, inside
And choosing the light

By Jonathan McCallum

Note: Later this year, Jonathan plans to visit refugees in the Middle East alongside and learning from others, seeking opportunities to effectively help in ongoing ways. If you would like to know more please email us at jonathan AT refreshleaders.org (no spaces).

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