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The Oregon Trail to the Outback

By July 22, 2014 Jonathan

From the last frontier of the U.S. to the Outback of Australia, my uncle, auntie and cousins snapped photos capturing the contrast of two stunning landscapes.

A trip to see my cousin in the northwest United States took my uncle and auntie to Crater Lake in Oregon.  This lake is the deepest lake in the United States and the seventh deepest in the world.  It is told that a hemlock log “Old Man of the Lake” has been floating upright in the lake for more than 100 years.  Perhaps those who traveled the Oregon Trail also saw the wind currents dancing the Old Man around the pristine lake.

A deep shimmering glass.

About his Outback road trip, my uncle told of cruising past termite mounds in the millions and solar toilets in the middle of nowhere. He spoke of dodging road trains with 63 wheels that went on for half a football field, and of the hundreds of kangaroos that hadn’t dodged, lying limp on the side of the road. Sprinting and bouncing along side their caravan were emus and very much alive kangaroos, and as they headed deeper inland, they passed camels raised to board ships to faraway Arabic-speaking nations.

A barren dry beauty.

Two massive landscapes, beckoning us to explore them, and can’t help but think of the native people who have lived there for millenia, enjoying the splendor.



Words gathered by Jonathan McCallum from conversations with family.

Photos by Juan Pardo & John McCallum.

Crater Lake Outback Australia

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