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Short & Beautiful Lives of Zach, Zina and Robby

By July 9, 2014 Featured

People who have taught me a lot about life.

You might have heard Zach Sobiech’s song, Clouds. Before he passed away his song’s lyrics expressed his heart: “I’ll fly a little higher… Up here, my dear. It won’t be long now, it won’t be long now.”  Zach’s song touched beyond his closest friends and family; it impacted millions, as it looks beyond to an eternal place.  People were touched not just by his creative words and catchy tune, but his hope in a despairing situation—something that a lot of us need to hear.

Robby is “Kid President”.  With his brother-in-law Brad Montague he brings laughter and light-hearted, meaningful messages to millions of people. The way they value people is expressed through the various causes they support.  Have you seen the Pep Talk?  It truly is a message for the world.
I noticed Robby was wearing a plaster cast, then reading the Kid President website I realized that he has a fragile bone condition and has already had over 70 breaks in his short life.  Brad highlights how Robby does not let his condition define who he is or slow him down in the least. Instead his vibrant passion for life flows out in his humour and dancing, and his joy moves the hearts of millions.

I learned about Zina from her blog left online as a memoir of her profound, inventive life. With a self-declared “creative compulsive disorder”, Zina Lahr’s creativity and her interest in life leave a beautiful impression upon me to live deeply, slow down, and see things for what they really are.  She writes into my life: “We desperately try to document our lives through social media, and let it consume us from really living.”
It is in her vulnerability, sharing a moment when she wept, for example, as her grandmother passed on, that she teaches us to value people and to show love.  “Love is that eternal home,” she writes, “We will never be apart. I am home.”

These are a few people who have inspired me.  One day, not long from now, I look forward to meeting Zach and Zina. And who knows maybe the Kid President will be visiting the Basque Country sometime soon?

By Jonathan McCallum

Read article: “The Brief Wondrous Life” about Zina.

Featured image by Griffin Keller

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