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Venturing Back In

By March 27, 2014 Jonathan

Faces along the street, lush hues in the hills, glade and green as sunshine flares down, grey sky makes way for blue, fishing boats haul glistening nets, sun light makes sea life bright.

Outside beauty flows into me, drawing in colours, entering through eyes, soaking in the skin, life like the rhythmic rolling sea.
And your presence tumbles in, then streams outward, tinging life with vibrant colours, eyes reflecting warmth.

It’s been some time since I went in to surf and swim—low grey day clouds, huddling colds, stomach bugs, winter.
Today as the sun ventured out I ventured back in, among friends, relishing the icy sparkling liquid again.

The sunset cast blinding golden shadows. Between sets I bowed my head, not daring to look at the Son.
Alone, yet not, the heart words flowed to you, floating on the current further out and further on. Then it happened.

Your beauty felt within, timidly, I confessed my sin—fear, anxiety and grey day clouds that had settled in.
Into Your tingling light, like a tiny child approaching his heart’s delight, overwhelmed, I began see your beauty deep within.

In the sea, childlike, free, you always find me.


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