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Dreams Coming True

By January 29, 2014 Jonathan

Normally we save up wonderful things to say about friends for when they have already left this earth. So here’s an attempt to capture some qualities of a dear friend and congratulate his love for life and music.

At the Grammys you might have noticed the drummer (in a sparkling tuxedo) playing his part in Kacey Musgrove’s band…

Meet Jared Kneale, passionate Aussie musician.

A while back you could catch him kicking the footy (one of many types of Australian football), a speedy, fair-headed rugby player, humble, loving life and chasing dreams. He’s always had a contagious perspective on life—relaxed, people-centred, peaceful. And from early on I was impressed by his strong character and deep spirituality.

Spend ten minutes with Jared and you’ll see he really listens, really empathizes with people, and that he absolutely loves to laugh through life. Jared is not unfamiliar with hard hard times yet he aims to enjoy life and his broad smile shows his open heart that endears him to everyone he meets. He’s not interested in becoming well known or wealthy; he invests in people, placing his life and time in the long-term investment, for the true riches of deep friendship. Possibly it is something that comes naturally? Or something he has gleaned from family? Or something meditated on in his vibrant spiritual walk with Jesus?

Who doesn’t appreciate depth in our friends, thoughtfulness, heartfelt kindness? That’s Jared. He is great at just “being” with the person beside him. He doesn’t miss that moment.

So, Jared Kneale, where to now? Whatever happens it will be good…

I’ll continue to admire the risks you’ve taken and will take to do what you love—moving countries, starting from scratch, not fearing the adventure—without leaving behind who you are. Go for it Jared, your friends are with you!

By Jonathan McCallum

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