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AirMech Gameplay

By December 26, 2013 Games

From the scuttling beginning announced by “Go, Go, Go!” till the glee or gloom of the final move, in AirMech you shape your game plan by working out the most effective and complimentary selection of units. Like I said in my Airmech Review post, this game has caught my imagination. Its fast-paced real-time DotA-style gameplay in intense and relatively brief matches is like a free-flowing game of chess that takes place on diverse landscapes with every piece’s unique abilities all working together.

Like the queen in chess, your AirMech swoops around the gaming landscape as you dish out unit commands for robots to go here or there, to defend your base or attack the opponent’s fortress. And the strategic melee is only enhanced when played with a friend side-by-side or across the globe.

Today I grabbed a few infantry units called “Shooters” with long range firing ability, hiding a few on a lone cliff, forgotten and alone, yet effective. Then I glided in to drop off a few of my Bucky vehicles, which launch both ground and air missiles. I scattered them around my fortress up on a hill and, like sheep led to the slaughter, dropped the rest of the flock just out of range of a key stationary turret’s defense. A risky move, especially if another wolf-like AirMech decides to drop in, but another example of a cheap and helpful yet vulnerable unit that is produced quickly.

Rolling on to the more sturdy Tanks, I delayed adding any to my force until later in the game when I had enough money and credits to build a giant tank–Goliath. In my eagerness to startle my friend sitting across the room I sent it out snickering, only to hear his laughter as he sent in his AirMech (and his entire army) to take down my big and clumsy Goliath with a Davidic rebuff.

My radar blinked with a stream flowing down the side of the map, unnoticed due to the sneaky use of Sonya, the mobile tank and radar-jammer. My Gatty turret guns spun and gained back ground from the lighter units, yet were left in a smoky heap as my friend’s heavier units joined the battle.

Thankfully my support units such as the Anti-Air Flakker covered Buster, my anti-tank unit, from the opponent’s AirMech zipping around causing chaos everywhere. The Honeypot repair unit was doing well but somehow disappeared as I heard the wrenching noise of my base under attack. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.





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