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The Great Escape (video game)

By December 21, 2013 Games

The Commodore 64 game The Great Escape released by Ocean in 1986 was one of my first video game experiences. Sharing its name with the film staring Steve McQueen, which was based on the book by Paul Brickhill, an Australian fighter pilot and writer who penned the true story of the elaborate escape from Stalag Luft III in Germany.

The game play is tense, requiring planning and thought, and the multiple possible escape routes add breadth to the game.  You have to devise each move without missing roll call or exercise time, then sneek out to dodge the spotlight for a try at the fence. I remember as a kid getting close to escape, but always missing the required items.  Others have suggested how interesting a two player version would have been or a version where the action continued outside of the prison.  But as you grab the torch and store your treasured escape items in the tunnel behind the stove, or as you search around garbed in the uniform of a German solider, the game is still captivating decades later.

-Jonathan McCallum

A walk through of the game ( I intentionally did not finish watching this, in case I have a chance to play this game again)

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