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AirMech Review

By December 18, 2013 Games

Fast-paced thinking and teamwork

AirMech has captured my imagination.  After my first game on steam, I was impressed by the fluid gameplay reminiscent of arcade days combined with teamwork and fast-paced thinking. I teamed with a friend at his place to challenge opponents, working together, one supporting with unit production the other harassing their fortress. This is a free-to-play multiplayer strategic tower defense game worth more than a glimpse.

Reminiscent of the 1989 Japanese real-time strategy game “Herzog Zwei”

Inspired by the game “Herzog Zwei”, each player’s AirMech zips around fortresses nestled on diverse maps, pouring out infantry or dropping off tanks or defensive turrets, then venturing out beyond tower safety to attempt to takeover the opponent’s fortress.  Deciding which fortress to attack or defend is all part of the game’s cunning, finding the balance between building more units and specializing advanced units, while using your Airmech to neutralize threats to your outposts.  Yet the action and strategy is not what I love most about this game. It’s the teamwork component that makes it an enthralling experience.

Free to Play

AirMech is free, and, as money can only buy cosmetic upgrades, the playing field is leveled and additional units can only be paid for by “kudos” earned through game play experience.  It’s each player’s strategy and quick-thinking against another’s.

Words by Jonathan McCallum

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