Visiting the Basque Country

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There are new flights available to arrive in the Basque Country. Googling “Paris to Biarritz” or “London to Biarritz” will bring up flight options with airlines AirFrance, easyJet, RyanAir & more. You…

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Interviews about Lolita Fashion

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Press play to hear my brief introduction to Lolita Fashion. Interested in an interview about fashion, food, wine, history, culture or your interests? Contact me on instagram or twitter. Read…

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Heroines & Rising Above Stereotypes

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When you think of Superheroines, who comes to mind? Diana Prince-Wonderwoman (played by Gal Gadot), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) are three of the more recent…

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From Hell’s Kitchen, Thoughts on Overcoming Evil

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Sometimes superhero stories blend into our reality as we step out onto pavements speckled with broken glass and enter the neighbourhoods we call home. Daredevil (Season 1) dragged my thoughts…

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